Seventeen-year-old Atlantan Sara Greer showed all the attributes of a musical prodigy. She has been making music virtually from the moment she was born in 2001. She began singing in church, school, and theater at five and studying piano at seven years old. In 2011, she moved with her family from the south-side of Atlanta to Norman, OK where she continued to perform in theater and church. By 11 years old, she was also studying guitar and writing indie-pop style music. “My first memory of writing a song is when I was 7 years old. I sat down at the piano, started playing and putting words with the tune,” Sara said. “My favorite thing is to sing songs I’ve written. It’s a way for me to let everyone know how I’m feeling without being overbearing.”

In 2014, after winning a singing contest with a local radio station, she performed The National Anthem for the Oklahoma City AAA baseball club – which has led to dozens of Anthem performances for professional and college sporting events. Later the same year, she and her family moved to Auburn, AL. February of 2015 saw her debut performance as a solo artist at an Auburn coffee house (at only 13). It was at this point she became very focused on pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter/guitarist. Over the next several years, she honed her performance and songwriting crafts playing various venues between Auburn, AL, and Atlanta, GA (75+ year).

At 14 years old, she recorded her first solo EP, “All Who Wander,” produced by Grammy winner Larry Mitchell. Her trajectory slowed some in late 2016 due to Scoliosis Surgery. She traveled to Manhattan, NY for this major procedure which included the temporary deflation of both lungs. After a four-month recovery including intense physical therapy, Sara was once again performing multiple times a month. In 2017, Sara and family moved back to the south-side of Atlanta where she currently lives with her parents and younger brother.

Sara has shared the bill with Colbie Caillat, Richard Marx, Michelle Malone, and Larry Mitchell. She has performed and collaborated numerous times with Collective Soul’s Ross Childress and even recently sang an impromptu duet of Paul Taylor’s hit “Miles Away” with Kip Winger.

While opening for Marx, she met Canadian music veteran and Atlantan, Ryan Burton. In fact, it was Burton who teamed her with Childress to produce her original song, “Chasing Shadows” (available now). Due to positive feedback and chemistry, Sara subsequently signed with Burton’s record label. Childress and Burton produced nine songs written by Sara for her album, “Drama, Drama” released March 2019.

Sara’s music influences hit every corner of the spectrum from Katy Perry to David Bowie, Taylor Swift to Metallica, Tori Kelly to Dolly Pardon, Fallout Boys to Prince. However, she’s very clear on her vision, “I’ve always wanted to be the first Sara Greer, not the next Katy Perry. I just want to be me.” Her passion is telling life stories through indie pop originals with stick-in-your-head melodies and unforgettable vocal prowess. “Drama, Drama” captures a spectrum of emotions bundled up in concise, unforgettable music. Childress’ veteran acumen of pop/rock hit making works perfectly with Greer’s songwriting approach. From the first single, “Secondary Woman” to the sultry groove of “Hold On You” to the throwback sounds of “Surrender” and “Painting Pretty Pictures” or the pop-flavored “Mr. Jones” and “Set in Stone” or even the funk-sprinkled “Masquerade,” Greer and Childress definitely have created some magic.

Sara explains her approach of writing the album, “I write based on life experiences. Pretty much every song is about drama that I got sucked into either by school or friends. I want people to relate to my songs and know that they’re not alone in the world.” Childress sums it up nicely, “Sara is already writing like she’s in her 30’s. It’s great.” Burton puts a succinct exclamation mark on this as well, “I love Sara’s writing, her songs, her wisdom beyond her years and her amazing humility. She’s just a kid but when she sings and performs, she’s the boss.”

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