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Ganesha Pancharatnam - Sooryagayathri & Kuldeep M Pai - 'Vande Guru Paramparaam'

By Kuldeep M Pai, On 08 June 2015

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    Ganesha Pancharathnam sung by 9 year old Sooryagayathri and Kuldeep M Pai. We prostrate at the feet of Great Indian Sages and the divine path perceived by them! Music produced, arranged, sung, mixed, mastered and also video edited by Kuldeep M Pai @ Chith Studios. © & ℗ 2015: Chith Foundation All rights reserved. About Sooryagayathri: Sooryagayathri is a 9 year old kiddie who hails from Vadakara, a small town ship in Kozhikode district, Kerala, India. Her ability to replicate the musical nuances effortlessly makes her special. Her parents Sri P.V.Anilkumar who is a leading Mridangam player in Kerala and her mother Smt Divya has been supporting Soorya in her musical journey. She learns music from Sri Nishanth and Smt Anandi. Sooryagayathri is a 5th grade student in Narikkunnu U.P.School. Interesting stuff about the recording: * We never hired a single person for this venture! * Fed up of depending others especially the so-called bureaucrats in the field, I decided to do everything myself! And have been learning each and every thing for last few years to become self-dependent! * I composed and recorded it in my voice first, including Soorya's portion and sent it to her 10 days before and She learnt it listening to it! The nuances were corrected over the phone! * Soorya came to Chennai from Vadakara, Kerala where she hails from, to record this stuff. * In this video, I myself did the singing, playing harmonium, recording, arrangement, orchestration, mixing and video editing too! Got the help from Ganapathy sir for playing Tabla. * Interestingly, the video shoot was done with my iPhone, Thanks to Apple! I purchased a 300 led light from the market! Soorya's mom Divya is now an expert in lighting and Soorya's father P V Anilkumar on the camera! After each portion of video shoot, we were transferring it on to the iMac and checking the details! I was forced to learn video editing and now can really manage the stuff! * We had a blast doing the recordings and shoot. Each and every nuances were taken care, especially the syncs! I was pretty particular about the simplification of the music to make it enjoyable to all the listeners. That's why we chose 'Jai Ganesha' as refrain! * Sooryagayathri is a girl who is attachedly detached! Goddess is acting through her indeed! Love her so much! My facebook is flooded with comments and messages appreciating the 9 year old kiddie! Now that, the trailer itself is a huge success we look forward to your support for the full version too! * Our sole aim is to bring smile on your faces with some genuine spiritual music! Listen to it, enjoy the beauty in it and let this stuff make you experience the eternal PEACE in you! * Full video is going to be free on youtube for all of you to watch! * By the way, please don't upload the stuff any where else, you may share it wherever u want! With lots and lots of love, Kuldeep M Pai. Sooryagayathri is conveying her love too!

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